A Journey Through History

The Hall - Formerly The Slovenian Workman's Home - was one of many community centers built by the large influx of Slovenians pre and post WWI.  Cleveland is home to the largest population of Slovenians outside of Slovenia.  The Hall was built to provide all the community services, entertainment and professional resources  to  support the people coming to America in search of work and opportunity.

Leading Us To An Exciting Future

The vibrant longevity of the Slovenians highlights some keys to an optimum life experience.  Their sense of community and family togetherness, traditional singing groups, weekly polka dances, willingness to serve, dining together all foster a great long life.  For 50+ years, the "Kitchen Angels" worked as volunteers to produce one of the best Fish Frys in Cleveland.  Many of the women worked well into their 90's as cooks and waitresses.  The same folks could be seen at the Sunday polka that generates a similar heartrate of an aerobic class!

Waterloo Hall honors the tradition of the Slovenian spirit and now opens its doors to the community at large.  We are bringing together like-minded individuals through community and corporate events.  We are offering programs that capture a sense of creativity, empowerment and optimum life experience.

Contact our offices to speak with us about upcoming events and/or helping put together your next memorable company function.