The Complete Mindâ„¢

Waterloo Hall is hosting a learning event for 3 consecutive weeks in June of 2021

The Complete Mind is a meditation process that 

1.  Helps you achieve a calm, centered and relaxed state within minutes.

2.  Provides quicker mental and emotional access to a greater range of concious awareness.

3.  Has specific focus experts on a wide range of topics such as business, creativity, sports, health and others.

Become a Founding Member

One time annual fee of $399

Founding Members recieve:

1.  Beta version of The Complete Mindâ„¢ App

2.  Ticket to one of our socially distanced conferences.

3. Online access to 6 weekly live morning sessions.

4.  Your choice of gift from our Complete Mind shop.

Early Bird Call In Special Save $100

Call 216.312.4721